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5 Gorgeous, Large Cocktail Rings made with Sterling Silver

large cocktail rings silver

When you want to make a statement, go for a large cocktail ring. They can be casual or glamorous, it’s all up to what you like. Below we have five large cocktail rings from various sources, a few are even handmade. Their size isn’t the only thing they have in common, though. They’ve also all been hand-selected by our jewelry blog as five of our favorites for this category of sterling silver cocktail rings. Whether you want something incredibly unique, or incredibly chic – we’ve got it covered!

Sterling Silver Large striped Cocktail Ring w

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5 Beautiful Tiny Animal Rings from Etsy that We Love

tiny animal rings

You’re going to love these tiny animal rings so much you’ll be squeeing for days! Don’t forget that we update our ring blog five days a week. If you are looking for a jewelry blog to update your pinterest rings or pinterest jewelry, always give us a look! It’s the smart choice. Thumbs up. Now, onto the tiny animal rings! We’ve got birds, dogs, even bunnies.

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5 Pinky Rings for Women We Don’t Hate

pinky rings

These pinky rings are all kinds of fun. We hope you enjoy this ring jewelry blog and subscribe so you never miss all the great stuff we’re bringing our fans every day.

Delicate Fig Leaf Ring from Amazon, CLICK

Tiny Heart Pinky Ring by RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy,

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Pretty Little Liars Jewelry Inspiration – Aria Montgomery’s Style

heart earrings

When I happened upon the Etsy store of handmade jewelry by Rachel Pfeffer, I knew Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) would be all over it. It’s exactly her style. Which is to say, it’s eclectic, edgy and glamorous.

In thinking in terms of Aria (played by Lucy Hale) I could see so many of these pieces working. And not just the rings. From the sparkling drusy rings to the simple brass heart earrings…there’s just so much going on that is so cool.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT – Rachel Pfeffer Designs

(I have zero idea if Rachel is a fan of Pretty Little Liar

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5 Unusual Rings for Women Found in Etsy Shops

unusual rings

Love Jewelry blogs? Let us know what you think of our ring blog. We update five days a week for your jewelry searching needs. Related: Pinterest Jewelry, Pinterest Rings

Explore five unusual rings for women below. All five were found on Etsy!

Spring Ring Alice in Wonderland – terrarium ring from Hokiou on Etsy, CLICK Related: Handmade rings, Etsy Rings, Alice in Wonderland Rings, Unusual rings, Unique Rings

Sterling Silver Ring – Agate Stone &#

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5 Sparkly Druzy Rings from Etsy

druzy rings

Druzy Rings are super fun and sparkly, you should definietly own at least one. Don’t take our word for it, just look at these pictures! Below we’ve collected five druzy rings from Etsy that were handmade and that we absolutely adore.

Hot Pink Natural Druzy Cocktail Ring from GirlLovesGlitter, CLICK

White Druzy Ring – Oval Shaped Ring – Natural Geode Ring from Ohkuol,

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Israeli Jewelry Designers Spotlight: Nurit Design

jewelry made in israel

This is all jewelry made in israel by Nurit Levak for the line is called Nurit Design.

Trivia: The name of “Nurit” is the name of a flower with red petals.

When it comes to Nurit Design, the jewelry focuses heavily on rings which makes it perfect for our jewelry blog. Levak is happy to custom make jewelry pieces for you, to create your “jewelry dream” as it were. You can pick from 9k or 14k yellow gold white gold rose gold or sterling silver.

Some of the rings that caught our eye from this Etsy shop of handmade gold rings included stackin

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Unique Fine Jewelry – Rings from Italy Designer Arosha

unique fine jewelry rings

Arosha Luigi Taglia designs fine jewelry from Italy. We’re so taken with his work that we’re doing another post on some of the fun rings he offers. His jewelry aesthetic speaks to those who like modern and contemporary looks. He does a lot of unique gold rings for women.

Unique Fine Jewelry Rings Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring, CLICK GOLDEN LAKE Aquamarine Ring, 14k gold and sterling silver ring,

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5 Incredibly Fun Rings for Women

fun rings

If you’re search for fun rings for women, pause yourself and take a gander at this ring collection by Arosha as sold on the handmade wares site Etsy. We’re not sure how Arosha Luigi Taglia comes up with these genius, unique jewelry concepts. But of one thing we are sure: they’re unique! This Italian jewelry designer is sure to capture your attention once you start looking at the variety of designs. From seaweed to bubbles – there’s a lot going on.

Because of the price and the aesthetic, these are fun rings for grown up women (at least 16, but more like 2

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5 Pretty Recycled Silver Rings with Stones

recycled silver rings

Eco-friendly rings (or earth friendly rings) make you feel better about yourself when you’ve made that choice. After all, you feel better when you recycle, right? Well, it works with jewelry, too. So why not consider some recycled silver for your next jewelry piece? Today we’re taking a look at recycled silver rings with stones. When people say they want rings with stones, we’re not sure if they mean with gemstones, or if they specifically mean stones for engagement rings (diamonds, primarily.) Let us warn you why a recycled silver engagement ring isn’t a great idea&

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