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5 Unique Amethyst Rings – Handmade Rings for Women

unique amethyst rings

Unique Amethyst Rings are just what the mystical jewelry doctor has ordered for today, don’t you think? It’s always nice to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. That’s how I discovered that I love creme brule!

Our first amethyst ring has a Victorian style and looks like a blooming rose. This is a handmade ring, and the rose was indeed hand carved. Can you imagine all the time that took? (Natural amethyst.)

Taking a note from the royals, this amethyst ring has a regal look to it. (Lab-grown amethyst.)

Smell the flowers? Sure, why

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Top 5 Victoria Wieck Rings

victoria wieck rings

First, to showcase how feminine Victoria Wieck Rings can be we have a pink amethyst ring with gold vermeil. I think the textured gold makes it look like an exotic ring. Oh-la-la.

Next we have an Aquamarine ring with blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are not often seen in rings! At least not by me. But this works so well. Two tones of topaz (white and blue) accentuate the rings blue shades and detailed depth.

We’re always looking for great bee rings, but my favorite by far is this Victoria Wieck ring that has the bee resting on a yellow sapphire. It’s so whimsica

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5 Vintage Inspired Rings: Cameo, Floral, Bold…

vintage inspired rings

At first I thought this post on vintage inspired rings would be unique because all of the rings would have an oval shape in common, but that’s before I saw the 60’s flower piece with a definite (wide) round shape. And yes, oval is very different than round! Anyway, while you’re appreciating the smooth curved sides of the rings (at least they all have that) you can also appreciate that these are almost all around or under the $50.00 mark if I’m not too mistaken. (I just doublechecked, you’re good!)

Whether you’re in a bold mood or a romantic one, th

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Vintage Inspired Rings by Ollipop Under $50

vintage inspired rings ollipop

What does it take to find vintage inspired rings? It’s simple. Just check out Ollipop rings! When I saw these, I was very taken with how darn creative and cute they are. It’s a little Alice in Wonderland and a little Steampunk. They have a gorgeous vintage inspired look to them, giving them a sense of real world charm (even if you are pretending you’re in a fantasy realm.) Most of these Ollipop rings are under $25, but one was more expensive so I listed this as Ollipop rings for under $50.

Two of the rings I’ve featured are flower rings. The others have sparkl

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5 Flower Pearl Rings that Dazzle

flower pearl rings

Pearls are the flower of the sea, so it makes perfect sense that so many floral rings use pearls as a design element. I’ve collected five flower pearl rings that I like a lot to share with you guys.

I’d have the most absolute horrible time trying to pick my favorite ring out of the five. What do you think? I love how girly and fresh the Marcasite and Pearl ring is, but the golden vermeil pearl ring looks so tropical and lush.

An even more difficult question would be “what do you think each of these ‘flowers’ would smell like?” Where

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5 Mother of Pearl Rings with Diamonds as a June Birthstone Rings

mother of pearl rings with diamonds

Mother of pearl is so luminous that it’s hard to not love it. Pair it with diamonds, and it’s irresistible. Since pearl is the June Birthstone, it seemed an appropriate time to look at some more pearl rings. But not every pearl looks the same, and I quite fancy the way mother of pearl looks as jewelry. It’s always adds a bright flash of brilliance to an outfit. With my dark brunette hair, my favorite mother of pearl earrings always stand out. For that reason, I think many of these rings might look great against tanned or dark skin.

These are all perfect as June Birt

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Five Gorgeous Swarovski Rings on Sale

swarovski rings on sale

Some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve seen on Gossip Girl has been Swarovski. Having just finished watching an episode of The CW show, I feel inspired to do a post about Swarovski rings on sale, since tasteful but affordable is the best recipe there is for stylish jewelry pieces.

The Maeva Ring has a cool name, and will look even cooler with even the most simple of wardrobe collections. It ups the ante, to to speak.

When it comes to a chunky ring, sometimes you want it to be a solid metal, but sometimes you want some shine. That’s why the Pave Cube Ring i

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Rings Under 50 – Enamel Flowers to Wear This Spring

rings under 50

When I think about my favorite sort of flower rings, enamel jumps out as the leading contender. There’s something about the vibrancy of the colors with enamel, I guess. I know they won’t break easily, but they also don’t have to be super expensive. To prove my point, I’ve found five enamel flower rings under $50.00.

The first and last ring selections in the bunch are dome rings, which have a great graphic appeal to them. I also want to point out the fourth selection, by Nine West, which has an adjustable ring band.

I have a hard time deciding which is m

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Five Fabric Flower Rings for Spring

fabric flower rings

As floral blooms are popping up everywhere on the East Coast, it reminds us that it’s time to bring back the flower rings!

With a twist, that is. Instead of regular rings of floral buds, this time we’re looking at fabric rings made into the blooms. Whether you want to go for traditional pinks or reds or something more unique (like a bright blue) this is a fun, easy way to add a bit of spring to any outfit.

What about price points? They come for just a few bucks or around fifty. You can get handmade rings, or designer ones. We’ve picked five of our current fav

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Blue Flower Stretch Ring

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 8.06.17 AM

Look absolutely pretty in this pastel blue enamel ring from Dorothy Perkins. The piece comes with a pearl cream effect and accented with gold tone hearts, it just makes the wrong so much more adorable. The piece also has a stretchable band but is about 17″ as is.

This flower ring makes a lovely accessory for the season.

You can get this from

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