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Becky Kelso Rings – The Top 6 Worth Seeing!

Practically perfect as a pink beauty!

Both graceful and artistic, Becky Kelso rings are laden with beauty.

But it’s not just a traditional appreciation for antique ring designs that Becky brings to her designs. She’s also well-traveled to exotic locations, and very savvy about pop culture. Her website says:

Kelso’s various collections showcase artful and timeless pieces that reveal influences gathered from her travels to Morocco, Asia, and Turkey. Each intricate design retains a classic antique aesthetic, but is overall organic, imaginative, and modern.

Perhaps that’s why these rings

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Best Rings for ‘Fat Fingers’ – Adjustable, Large Bands, Marquise Stones

best rings for fat fingers

I don’t think we need to call them “fat fingers” but I was surprised to see how many people are searching for the best rings for fat ringers – typed just like that. Well, okay. Maybe your fingers aren’t super skinny. But there is help!

Proportion. This is a simple idea, really. You don’t want a tiny, delicate ring on a finger you feel looks large. It’s a nice excuse to tell your significant other not to skimp on the diamond size! But it’s not just about the diamond, actually. There are so many styles of rings, so consider someth

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Courtney Kaye Jewelry Top 5 Bold Rings

courtney kaye jewelry

If you want black and gold, intriciate filigree jewelry with a bold presence, you need to check out Courtney Kaye Jewelry. Looking like exactly what Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian would love to add to their jewelry wardrobes, the rings by Courtney Kaye have the perfect mix of hard/soft and tough/feminine for us to salivate over. I mean, check out that bow ring! (It has a matching necklace!)

Courtney Kaye Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Courtney Kaye Arabella Filigree Ring – It’s shimmering all over the place! Like a disco ball! Only no where near as ta

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Paloma 24 Karat Gold Vermeil Ring

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 10.45.12 AM

This ring exudes a kind of 70’s flair with its vermeil filigree design. The ring is a fitting adornment to a lovely summer dress. This is actually handmade and features a wrap around design with a pointed finish.

You can get this from Net A Porter.

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Antique Filigree and Diamond Engagement Rings in White Gold

antique filigree diamond engagement rings

If romance is all you think about, and you want to be a true princess, you should definitely consider a filigree engagement ring. Here, we take a look at five different antique (and antique style) filigree rings. My favorites are the third and fourth, because they look so great up close and from a far.

The price for these all (except the last one, which does not include the center diamond) is about $1,000.00.

With filigree rings, it’s all about the detail. So make sure you pick a detailed look that you won’t mind seeing every day. For me, the first ring doesn’

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Beyond Rings Silver Filigree Double Ring

Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 9.57.33 AM

Double fingered ring in silver and filigree design, it’s superb creation matches a woman’s funky attitude and personal style. The ring is made from antique silver, giving it that old, vintage feel.

You can get this from Max & Chloe.

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Round Crystal Ring – Smoke/Gold

Screen shot 2011-01-22 at 7.45.09 AM

Stylish and impressive, this filigree ring is designed with a circle shape and an adjustable band. The fit is classy while still super perfect for everyday use. The circle is about 5/8″ in diameter.

You can get this from Lori’s Shoes.

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Antique Pearl Ring with Filigree

antique pearl rings

This antique pearl ring features sterling silver filigree. I love that this is an east-west type of ring, where the pearl is so long. It looks a bit like an exotic ring to me, what about you?

You can buy this antique pearl ring from this link to Boscov’s.

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Antique Style Amethyst Ring

Filigree rings are always special, and this antique amethyst ring is especially darling. It’s made of sterling silver and an amethyst gem. The filigree detail is classic and makes this a timeless ring. Though antique in style, it’s actually new. I was fooled – even in the pictures!

You can buy this antique amethy

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White Gold Filigree Ring

white gold filigree rings

Having a bad day? Nothing a beautiful white gold filigree ring can’t cure. It’s effortlessly elegant and timeless. I love this filigree ring a lot. It’s made of 18k white gold and has nuggets of diamonds everywhere. Breathtaking. Stunning… Gorgeous… Pick any word you want. You’ll be it with this ring.

You can get this white gold filigree ring from

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