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5 Simply Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings

Flower engagement rings contain a special sort of beauty. Let’s look at five of our current favorites that are always blooming.

Lavender Diamond Engagement Ring by J.R. Jewelers from Amazon, Click

Unique Flower Engagement Ring from the Etsy shop Beautiful Petra,

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10 Unique Engagement Rings – Blog Post

Here is a collection of ten unique engagement rings from Carla Caruso Jewelry.

chrysanthamum ring

love tree engagement ring

vine engagement ring with diamond

soap suds engagement ring with gem

vine diamond ring

tulip engagement ring

daisy engagement ring

double leaf engagement ring

fleur de lis engagement ring

beaded solitaire engagement ring

Bonus Jewelry:

leaf ea

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Emily Thorne’s Engagement Ring on REVENGE

Revenge on ABC is a fantastic drama, and there was plenty of drama about Emily Thorne’s engagement ring! Daniel Grayson proposed to her on a boat, in the rain – and it was very romantic. The ring itself is a large champagne diamond (princess cut) solitaire with a halo ring setting. The red box likely meant he got it designed (custom!) from Cartier. Do you love it?

Emily is played by Emily VanCamp and Daniel is played by Joshua Bowman. Aren’t they a cute TV couple?

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Unique Fairy Tale Engagement Rings with Leaf Designs

If your engagement feels like a fairy tale, why not have a ring that matches? These engagement rings have a dash of nature with their leaf designs. Take a look at these fairy tale engagement rings and see which one seems like your fairy godmother would pick for you.

ON SALE 10k Two-tone Round Cut CZ Engagement Ring with Unique Leaf Design Band from Amazon,

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Amazing Modern Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

Modern rings with a vintage style. These ones are perfect as engagement rings. A variety of gemstones are used, so if you want something unique this is a great place to look and gauge what you like. These are all amazing rings, you can be certain of that.

Modern Vintage 14K Pink Gold 1.5 Carat Rhodolite Crown Engagement Ring

Modern Vintage 14K Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Yellow Topaz Solitaire Engagement Ring

Classic French 10K Pink Gold 1.0 Carat Princess Lilac Amethyst Solitaire Engagement Ring

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CLASSIC Engagement Ring Settings Styles – complete guide

Let’s explore some (engagement) ring settings styles – but not just the common ones.

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A four or six prong ring setting is popular and classic. The more prongs you have, the safer your gemstone is set. You don’t want too many prongs (the tips hold the stone in place) so that it hides the stone. You also don’t want any prongs to come loose. If one ever does, you must get it fixed or you could lose your diamond/ge

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UNIQUE Engagement Ring Settings Styles – guide

Let’s look at some unique engagement ring settings and styles. These are all simple, (some are modern) and streamlined.

(There are also engagement ring settings types with three stones or side stones.)


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Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring,

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5 Pretty Recycled Silver Rings with Stones

Eco-friendly rings (or earth friendly rings) make you feel better about yourself when you’ve made that choice. After all, you feel better when you recycle, right? Well, it works with jewelry, too. So why not consider some recycled silver for your next jewelry piece? Today we’re taking a look at recycled silver rings with stones. When people say they want rings with stones, we’re not sure if they mean with gemstones, or if they specifically mean stones for engagement rings (diamonds, primarily.) Let us warn you why a recycled silver engagement ring isn’t a great idea&

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Morganite Jewelry: About This Gemstone and its Properties

Get to know one of the overlooked gemstones – pale pink morganite!

About Morganite

This is a softly colored pink gemstone.

Morganite Properties

Like all pink gemstones, this is a stone about love. It deals with your heart chakra. This gemstone of divine love opens up your heart. It promotes love in your life while helping you trust others, and have them trust you in return. It’s all about abundant love and trust.

Morganite Healing Properties

It is said to help relieve stress, and reduce problems with asthma and the lungs and heart.

Morganite Hard

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5 Pale Pink Engagement Rings for Blushing Brides to Be

If it’s a unique engagement ring you want, then often choosing a gemstone other than a diamond is the best way to go. Or you can go for a colored diamond. And ever since JLO, pink engagement rings have been one of popular colored diamonds. But what if you want a pale pink diamond engagement ring, except your budget isn’t huge? You can still have a pale pink engagement ring. The gemstone I suggest to you is called Morganite. It’s a very pale pink, and it glows with beauty.

Most pink sapphire rings and pink diamond rings have a pink that is brighter. And the price for

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