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5 Vine Engagement Rings that Speak to Nature

vine engagement rings

If you love nature, it only makes sense to incorporate it into your engagement or wedding rings. I found some really great vine rings with diamonds that are perfect for any occasion (whether you want to use a band as your engagement ring, or use them as wedding rings, etc.) These all look classic to me. Nothing is too modern.

Vine Engagement Rings – Five Jewelry Suggestions

Leaf & Vine Classic Band in Platinum Classic Leaf & Vine ring in recycled platinum set with approximately .43 carats of diamond pave. Available in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 18k peach g

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Diamond Chip Rings Give you the Right Amount of Dazzle

diamond chip rings

You know how they say you can’t stop at just one chip? It’s true. Especially when it comes to diamond chips. Once you see the power (and low price) that a sparkling diamond chip gives to a ring, you’ll want to buy them all.

The rings below have 2 for females, 1 for men, and one that seems fairly unisex (the cross.) They’re all pretty chunky, large rings. If I had to pick a favorite I’d probably settle on the star ring. What about you?

Diamond Chip Rings

Sterling Silver Diamond Chip-accented Star Ring from Amazon,

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5 Rings like Rachel Zoe, the Uber Stylist to the Stars

If you to find rings like Rachel Zoe got as her push present, then I can get you headed in the right direction. Her ring is a 10 carat diamond from Neil Lane. What you need to look for is a cushion cut diamond with a halo of diamonds around it. A split shank will also be key. And the metal should be platinum or white gold.

These diamond rings are all perfect as engagement rings.

Rings like Rachel Zoe

clockwise from top left

3.13 Ct. Cushion Cut w/ Halo of Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring King of Jewelry,

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Natalie Portman Engagement Ring Details

natalie portman engagement ring description

You can’t blame women everyone for wanting to know the details of Natalie Portman’s Engagement Ring – she’s got good taste! The engagement ring description is that it’s eco-friendly and it cost about $35,000. It is using recycled platinum, an antique center stone, and has pave diamonds that are conflict free.

The designer of the engagement ring was Jamie Wolf, who is friends with Benjamin Millepied (Portman’s fiance.) Wolf is a dan

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5 Cool Long Rings for Women

Long rings can accentuate your fingers and make them look longer and skinnier. Look for vertical, marquise cut gemstones or rings labeled as “north south” rings. Here are five that we love:

Long Rings for Women

North South Ring with Amethyst – An amethyst with diamond pave trim is set in 18K yellow gold. For similar rings look for: Amethyst Rings, Exotic Rings. Find this unique amethyst ring at Carelle, here.

Olivine Pave Marquise Ring – Made with

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The Rachel Zoe Ring from her Husband – HUGE 10 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with Halo

If you watched a recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, you learned that there is such a thing as a “push present” delivered to Mom’s after they have pushed their baby out. …The baby isn’t enough of a present? But we’ve seen worse, like O.C. Real Houswives that get diamonds after they undergo breast implant surgery.

So, Rodger Berman, Rachel’s husband, visited Neil Lane and decided to get her something special. He knew Rachel wanted a bigger diamond ring, and that she wanted it to be a cushion cut diamond. So, this is a 10 carat di

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5 Designer Alex Sepkus Rings to Buy Online

Once you see the fine sense of modern jewelry that Alex Sepkus rings have, you’ll understand why he’s such a sought after designer.

Alex Sepkus Rings

ALEX SEPKUS- Black Opal Ring Price: $2,772.00 This ring is made with .05 cttw diamonds, yellow gold, and a large black opal. See also: opal rings, black opal rings From The Clay Pot, buy online here

ALEX SEPKUS- Little Pool Ring Price: $1,550.00 Diamonds, yellow gold and sapphires are the benchmarks of Alex Sepkus rings. Th

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5 Arik Kastan Rings You’ll go Wild For

Subtle elegance is what you get with an Arik Kastan ring. Even if it’s a large cocktail ring, it’s never shouting at you. And that’s nice, as I don’t much like for jewelry to yell at me.

Elements in Arik Kastan rings are rubies, sapphires, turquoise, moonstone, garnets, diamonds and a lot of rose and yellow golds. There is a lot of oval and round shapes which often repeat themselves on a single ring. Smaller stones lend embellishment to larger ones, but sometimes an entire ring is comprised of smaller gems that are set close together for a large effect. Take a

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5 Moonstone and Diamond Engagement Rings with Romantic Luxury

Consider a slightly nontraditional engagement ring in the form of a moonstone and diamond ring. You still get diamonds! It’s a nod to a more romantic, old fashioned feel, is all. Designer Arlene Abelow brings us our first ring, which has a pinkish tone to the moonstone. Our second ring is a bit more dressed up, but still has a vintage feel.

Our one modestly modern piece is a Jamie Wolf ring. The brushed yellow gold really heightens its appeal.

Next up is a true antique beauty, an Edwardian era ring. It was very likely used as an engagement ring at some time before. Trail

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Rough Diamond Rings for Sale (Engagement, Eternity, Everyday)

Wake up and get ready to get your hands rough! Rough Diamond Rings are splendid for many different occasions, and they are catching everyone’s eye right now. Who knew that a diamond in the rough could be so, well, dazzling? These all have a more natural, earthy feeling to them. Many of the diamonds have tints to them, lending a warm feeling rather than a pristine one.

Rough Diamond Rings for Sale

Clockwise from top left

Arik Kastan Rings – Rough Cut Diamond Bow Ring from Roseark,

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