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Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Princess Cut Designs

micro pave engagement rings princess cut

Plenty of varieties of micro pave engagement rings in princess cut designs are shown below. They are all by Vanna K. Micro pave engagement rings in any ring setting are always gorgeous, so take a look and see which you are drawn to the most. They’re all quite decadent!

Here’s a very regal engagement ring with micro pave diamonds.

Very classic looking.

Is this th

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5 Simply Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings

flower engagement ring

Flower engagement rings contain a special sort of beauty. Let’s look at five of our current favorites that are always blooming.

Lavender Diamond Engagement Ring by J.R. Jewelers from Amazon, Click

Unique Flower Engagement Ring from the Etsy shop Beautiful Petra,

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Emily Thorne’s Engagement Ring on REVENGE

emily thorne's engagement ring

Revenge on ABC is a fantastic drama, and there was plenty of drama about Emily Thorne’s engagement ring! Daniel Grayson proposed to her on a boat, in the rain – and it was very romantic. The ring itself is a large champagne diamond (princess cut) solitaire with a halo ring setting. The red box likely meant he got it designed (custom!) from Cartier. Do you love it?

Emily is played by Emily VanCamp and Daniel is played by Joshua Bowman. Aren’t they a cute TV couple?

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Our Favorite Diamond Right Hand Rings for Women

right hand rings women diamond

Take a look at the variety of right hand diamond rings we love.

The great thing about a right hand ring is that you can have as many diamonds on the ring as you like. We’re going to start off with a more contemporary look an then check out some more traditional rings.

Chunky Diamond Ring Handmade Sterling Silver Band With 11 Diamonds 0.33ct Unique Wedding Rings from the Etsy store Dog Stone,

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Unique Fairy Tale Engagement Rings with Leaf Designs

leaf engagement ring

If your engagement feels like a fairy tale, why not have a ring that matches? These engagement rings have a dash of nature with their leaf designs. Take a look at these fairy tale engagement rings and see which one seems like your fairy godmother would pick for you.

ON SALE 10k Two-tone Round Cut CZ Engagement Ring with Unique Leaf Design Band from Amazon,

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5 Great Antique Style Eternity Bands

antique style eternity bands

Call us a total sucker for romance, but we love the delicate and intricate style lines afforded to one by antique styles of rings. And if you’re going to be with someone for an eternity, why not go for something timeless and romantic? Below are five eternity bands (or eternity rings, if you rather) that encapsulate a feeling of a more magical era.

Heirloom Vine Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k White Gold from Blue Nile, CLICK Gala Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k White Gold from Blue Nile,

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Best Engagement Rings for ‘Fat Fingers’

best engagement rings for fat fingers

If you’re looking to flatter a bit of a chubby finger when you pick out your engagement ring, then I’m here to help.

Between looking for larger rings (not just in size, but in what’s incorporated on the ring), focusing on oval and marquise shaped diamonds to elongate the the look of your ringers and comfort fit rings, you’ll be able to find something you love.

Best Engagement Rings for Fat Fingers

Comfort! 1.00 Ct Black Diamond Matching Ring Set (Comfort Fit) in 14K White Gold-7.0 Related: Black Diamond Rings At Amazon,

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Gorgeous Diamond Rings for Women Under $200

rings for women under 200

The sparkle of a genuine diamond cannot be denied. These are all diamond rings under $200, and all are meant for lovely ladies.

If you’re hesitant to purchase a diamond ring because you aren’t sure of what might look nice, I have a few suggestions of looks I think are all quite stylish. Of course, some might pop out at you more than others – trust your gut!

These all work great as promise rings. These don’t have diamonds as center stones so it’s not an engagement ring. But these could be promise rings or pre-engagement rings. The diamond let’

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Top 5 Pieces of Yasmin & Jazmin Jewelry

yasmin & jazmin jewelry

Yasmin & Jazmin rings use a lot of sterling silver paired with either blue topaz, citrine or black onyx. The diamonds are also very present, of course! (How could I forget to mention diamonds, of all things? Where is my mind? Oh, it’s on my two racing cats that seem to be in some sort of unofficial race and/or derby. Sigh.)

You can custom choose what stone you’d like in these three types of ring styles, as well as picking your ring size (5-8.) While some of these could pass for unisex rings, I do believe that these picks are geared towards women.


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5 Flower Engagement Rings with Super Sparkle

flower engagement rings

When you were little, you probably wrapped dandelions around your fingers and pretended they were rings. Now that you’re older, you may find you have the same urge to bring nature into your fine jewelry selections. There are some nice flower engagement rings for sale online, and I’ll walk you through my current five favorites. They’re from a variety of shops, and a couple are even handmade. Let’s take a look.

Flower Engagement Rings – 5 Jewelry Suggestions

Clockwise from top left.

Bouquet Ring The “Bouquet Ring” in recycled eig

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