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The 5 prettiest rose pink gold engagement rings

rose pink gold engagement rings, pink engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold accents pink gemstones (or crystals) in such a beautiful way. You’ll always look like a rosy newlywed with this sort of engagement ring. Or just like a beautiful girl with a ring that Elle Woods would want. (Which is a good place to be Elle had fabulous taste and the cutest dog.)

Rose Gold and Pink Engagement Rings

10k Rose Gold Ring, Pink Amethyst (1-1/3 ct. t.w.) and Diamond (1/5 ct. t.w.) Cushion Cut Ring

About: Featuring a cushion-cut pink amethyst (1-1/3 ct. t.w.) in the center of several round-cut diamonds (1/5 ct. t.w.) set in 10k rose gold. Available f

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5 Digby and Iona Rings You Gotta See! (Designer Spotlight)

watermelon tourmaline ring

Looking for rings that stand out with elegance and a twist or originality? Then take a look at these Digby and Iona rings.

We start off with an oldie-but-a-goodie, the tree stump ring. When it comes to being unusual, this ring wins. Don’t you love the idea of retro lovers carving initials into wood being taken to new heights? Well, I do. And I never liked the idea of carving into tree bark because 1.) That meant you had to have a knife, which worries me about what kind of lover you’ve taken! an 2.) Carving into bark is hurting the tree! I know, I’m a bit of an anxio

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Glam Bedford Russell Jewelry – Lyon Line Cocktail, Black Diamond, Equality Rings

equality rings

Lauren Bedford Russell is a cast member on The Real L Word, and she’s also a jewelry designer. She now has a company of her own called Lyon Fine Jewelry. And it’s especially known for pieces based on the themes of “Equality” and “Rock the Vote”. If you haven’t seen these pieces before, then you definitely gotta keep reading!

The style of Lauren’s edgy jewelry is based on 80’s rock and 90’s New York. The fierce materials she uses most are black diamonds, black jade, and black rhodium-plated silver and gold.

Celebrity f

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5 Interesting Antique Rings with Helpful Ring Trivia Included

antique ruby ring

Enjoy these 5 unique ring designs while learning some bonus ring trivia!


Even if this looks a bit masculine, it might be just the right accessory to give your look some unique edge.  The ring in question is a three stone diamond Victorian ring. The diamonds are brilliant-cut and set in 18 carat yellow gold. The makers mark is “J.J” and it is believed this is from 1880. You may be wondering from the title: what is a gypsy setting? It’s a ring setting often seen in men’s jewelry. The band is one continuous pie

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These Piaget Rose Rings are not to be missed!

piaget rose ring

A rose by any other name… well, you know the rest.  But did you know about this collection? If not, let us inform you!

The Piaget Rose collection includes fine jewelery rings inspired by the Yves Piaget rose.

“Piaget’s latest collection opens the doors to a secret garden. A fantastical, romantic rose garden to be exact, where two different flowers blossom in 18-karat pink and white gold. The Piaget jewelry house did not choose this delicate motif by chance, it has been the brand’s trademark symbol for many years and the brand was even honored in 1982 b

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Dabakarov Rings – Pick your Red Carpet option, and fantasy date.

dabakarov rings

Dabakarov Designer Jewelry prides itself on paying attention to details and finish.  As a detail-oriented gal, I respect this a lot. I especially love what they’ve done with their brilliant cocktail rings and swirled “stack effect” diamond rings. Yes, diamonds make me giddy.

They have two generations behind their company, and have immersed family with their business.

“With our name and reputation on the line, you can believe we’re going to stand behind everything we make, everything we say and everything we do. Frankly, it’s the way we’ve always

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De Beers Diamond Engagement Rings – Do you have/want one or would you pass?

rose engagement ring

De Beers engagement rings are popular with good reason. They’re gorgeous. I’ve picked five of their diamond engagement rings that blew me away in their design. The vine/floral engagement rings are perfect for a romantic bride, while the vintage-loving, sentimental bride will enjoy the halo engagement rings.

Adonis Rose Pink Gold Solitaire Ring

Adonis Rose Yellow Diamond Solitaire Ring

De Beers Aura Double Halo Solitaire Ring

De Beers Aura Solitaire Ring

De Beers Aura Solitaire Ring

You gotta tell m

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Majestic Pink Diamond – Worth $7.8 Million but FREE to stare at and put on Pinterest!

majestic pink diamond

I’m such a sucker for the color PINK. I mean, who can reject such a happy, pretty hue?! Certainly not me, and hopefully not you.

Pink diamonds are pretty, and we all know that JLO once famously had a pink engagement ring when Bennifer was a thing. (Remember that? It’s been so long! I’m so happy that Ben Affleck ended up with Jennifer Garner, though.) Of course, Jennifer Lopez is not the only one to like a rosy gem.

Of course, she’d be a big fan of this particular pink diamond.

Famous for its size and pristine pink color, your own girlier side wil

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Amazing Engagement Rings from 2012 and 2013 – Colored Diamonds, Sparkle, the works!

You want them big and sparkly, right?

Inside is a collection of six Kathleen Dughi engagement rings that will amaze you. They are handmade and use a variety of different gemstones. Many feature diamonds, but we also have yellow diamonds, pink tourmaline, and a green diamond.

If you’re looking for currently available designers to create you a stunning engagement ring for 2012 or 2013, this is absolutely someone you should look into during the ring shopping process.

6.92ct AGTA certified natural pink topaz with diamonds in platinum

Asscher Cla

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Kathleen Dughi Jewelry – Amazing Rings

kathleen dughi

Designer Kathleen Dughi knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating amazing rings. We’re also featuring a few amazing earrings, down below, because we can!

The variety of gemstones include pistachio pearls, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, emeralds, turquoise and the ever enchanting moonstone.

12.66ct unheated blue sapphire, diamonds and blue enamel ring in 18kt white gold

peridot and tanzanite ring with diamonds in 22kt and 18kt yellow gold

52.15ct aquamarine and diamond ring in platinum, 18kt rose g

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