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Tanzanite Bloom Ring!


Spice up your life with this Tanzanite Bloom Ring.  The blue/purplish tanzanite minerals will surprise your friends and pop up the question often, “where did you get that beautiful ring?”

This is THE ring for tanzanite lovers out there!

I’ve woven faceted brios of tanzanite with fine gauge wire to form an exuberant, single bloom. This flower is securly incorporated onto a gold fill wire ring.

$154 via fussjewelry

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Caviar Roe Aqua Glass Ring!


Here’s another unique Caviar Roe Aqua Glass Ring that your friends will appreciate.

$32 via etsy

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Green Forest Swarovski Crystal Ring!


Check out this cool Green Forest Swarovski Crystal Ring, perfect for parties.  It’s almost as though you are “in the forest”.

Brillant sparkle from lot’s of swarovski crystal. The beads are 6-8mm in size. There is bottle green,light green and white swarovski crystal The band is plated and is expandable , so it will adjust to different ring size.


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Black with Multi Designo Marquise Ring!


Here’s a cool Marquise Ring that gives me feeling of a “designer”.  Wear one to your next art gallery exhibit and people will wonder where you got it.

A black Designo marquise ring featuring a multi-color flower design. Designo, is our exclusive line of luminous colored resin combined with sterling silver and anti-tarnish rhodium. The colored resin is extremely durable and scratch resistant and the rhodium gives pieces a brilliant platinum-like finish. Designo was created exclusively for Silver Treats by designer Alan K.

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Fire and Ice Ring!


How about a Fire and Ice Ring that will get you excited with red fillings?

Big.  Bold.  And completely mesmerising, the Fire & Ice Rings are designed for mega attention.  Totally OTT and very different, these classy rings look as though they came from the French Court of Louis XVI!   Each ring elongated to create the wonderful illusion of long, lean fingers – even if you’ve got short digits!  Set in antique silver finish, the Czech crystal stones are fire-polished to shine with mega-watts and are wonderfully smooth, so t

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Mini Secrets Multiple Ring!


Here’s a great 2-for-1 deal on Mini Secrets Multiple Rings.

Fabulous ring by Love Sparkle features two separate rhodium plated rings that can be worn together or separately. One features a four petalled pink enamel flower with a band of clear swarovski crystals, the other features a pink band with a Love Sparkle hallmark and clear swarovski key drop. Two rings for the price of 1!

35 pounds vis treasurebox

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Glass Bling Ring!


The Glass Bling Ring features brilliant color and sparkle when touched to the light.

The classic cocktail ring gets a modern update with these fabulously big and chunky rings. Hand blown by artist Orfeo Quagliata, these dichroic glass rings are cut to resemble real gemstones, and the shimmering colors will always catch the light to give off a brilliant sparkle. Available in small, medium and large. Choose from clear/pink or black/gold. Hand blown in Mexico. Sold individually.

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Clear Rock Ring!

Clear Rock Ring!

Here’s Clear Rock Ring, made from plastic but yes, it does look like real glass.

Clear metallic plastic rings. Faceted detail on the top.

$12 at


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Kritty’s CZ Turtle Cocktail Ring!


Check out this cute cocktail turtle ring that will complement your leisurely lifestyle.

Kritty’s CZ Turtle Cocktail Ring is truly a treasure, with brilliant CZs adorning her shell! She sits on a sterling silver band, and her shell, body, and legs are coated with pave set CZs in shades of emerald, olive, and lime green. Bezel set faux onyx CZs make up her eyes, and her shell is further decorated with larger stones. An oval cut olive CZ is centered on the shell, and surrounded by round and oval cut stones in hues of ruby, canary, emerald, c

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