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November Birthstone Rings in Sterling Silver (Citrine)

november birthstone rings sterling silver

November is a warm, comforting month where you see the rich hues of autumn (unless you live on the West coast, I guess.) Even then, you still have Thanksgiving, which is all about being cozy with family and having comfort foods like pumpkin pie. With all of these images, it’s no surprise to me that citrine is the birthstone for November.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a citrine ring that’s paired with sterling silver. Maybe it’s a gift and you can’t quite afford white gold (there is no shame in that), or maybe it’s for someone very

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18K Yellow Gold Citrine Sunburst Ring

citrine ring sale

Dazzle yourself with this citrine ring that’s currently on sale. It is stunning and reminds me, instantly, of the star in its’ full flame of brightness on a summer day. It features pave diamonds that halo the yellow stone – which is a 1.85 carat citrine stone. The ring is made with 18k yellow gold. How much more could a woman want?

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Bounkit Jewelry Design – 5 Haute Rings

bounkit jewelry design

Bounkit Jewelry has some really strong, glamorous cocktail rings available for sale. Let’s take a look at my favorite pieces, shall we? We shall!

Bounkit Jewelry on Sale

Clockwise from top right

Chrysoprase and White Topaz Ring – The spotted green Chryoprase is pear cut and surrounded by round, faceted white topaz that’s prong set in gold. (here)

Ring set with faceted Lapis – This Lapis ring (so blue!) was featured in an October issue of the

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5 Ring Pieces that are on Trend from Beyond Rings Jewelry

beyond rings jewelry

The first time you see a ring by Beyond Rings, you’ll fall in heavy, heavy love. Why? Because they make fashion and style fun, not serious or boring. If I want boring, I’ll wear no jewelry at all! But when it’s time to accessorize, it’s nice to have something special. Ergo, Beyond Rings. This designer label makes rings, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. They specialize in two finger rings, rocker cocktail rings, and large bejeweled statement rings.

I start you off with a two finger ring made with gunmetal. That might sound harsh, but it’s got pink

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5 Turquoise and Pearl Rings with Antique Appeal

turquoise and pearl rings

Turquoise with pearl is an interesting combination of vibrancy and a softer sort of vibe. But it seems to be a callback to older times, as many people are searching for antique turquoise and pearl rings. While our first ring (clockwise from left) isn’t antique, it certainly looks aged and as though you could find it in the back of your Grandmother’s jewelry box. (If you’re lucky enough to gain access!)

If Art Deco rings are more your style, check out the Elizabeth Showers stacking rings we’ve got for you. But if tiny stacking rings are not up your alley, what

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Top 5 Victoria Wieck Rings

victoria wieck rings

First, to showcase how feminine Victoria Wieck Rings can be we have a pink amethyst ring with gold vermeil. I think the textured gold makes it look like an exotic ring. Oh-la-la.

Next we have an Aquamarine ring with blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are not often seen in rings! At least not by me. But this works so well. Two tones of topaz (white and blue) accentuate the rings blue shades and detailed depth.

We’re always looking for great bee rings, but my favorite by far is this Victoria Wieck ring that has the bee resting on a yellow sapphire. It’s so whimsica

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5 Whiskey Quartz Rings with Unexpected Details

whiskey quartz rings

Brown quartz goes by the name “Whiskey Quartz” because it … well, I know that it just sounds cooler. Let me walk you through our selections.

The Alexis Bittar ring reads as truly regal. It’s perfect if you plan on holding court. The strong geometric shapes in that next ring is what made it a must-share. And then we get on to lighter colors of brown quartz, starting with the Judith Ripka ring with prongs that are almost like claws. (Sorry, flower petals? Psh.) Then we have a highly beloved ring from Victoria Wieck that looks like it has lace detailing. To compl

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Pretty Little Liars Inspired Jewelry: Nine Rings for Stylish Aria’s

pretty little liars inspired jewelry

Fans of Pretty Little Liars know that each of the girls has their own specific style. Aria’s style is a mixture of vintage, glam, and romantic. (She leaves the preppy stuff to Spencer, the sporty to Emily and the girly girl stuff to Hannah.) If you want to know how to dress like Aria Montgomery, then you have to get into her mindset and seek out pieces that she’d pick. It doesn’t have to be stuff you’ve seen her wear on the show for it to still be an Aria piece. As you progress in this kind of thought pattern, you’ll see things stick out that scream “Aria

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Ruby Cubic Zirconia Rings: Five That Will Make You Proud

ruby cubic zirconia rings

The super amazing thing about cubic zirconia in shades of ruby red is that it doesn’t even cost half as much as a real ruby ring. Red cubic zirconia is a synthetic that will be flawless the way a manufactured ruby would be (as opposed to the organic kind that are found.) You can expect very high shine, and that the CZ will be hard.

The price and value will depend on the metal a ruby red cubic zirconia is set into – obviously a platinum ring will be worth a lot, with or without a real ruby.

How do I tell a real ruby from a cubic zirconia?

The real telltale si

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Unique Flower Rings: Spessartite Garnet 18k Gold Flower Ring


This exquisite 18k yellow gold solitaire ring features a beautiful glowing orange spessartite garnet gemstone*, bezel set in the centre of delicate hand-forged flower petals. The petals have been given a textured finish and mirror-polished edges for decoration.

This one-of-a-kind piece is completely hand-forged by the designer.

Size: K – K 1/2 (UK) or 5 1/8 – 5 3/8 (USA).

* The spessartite garnet is completely natural with no treatment (shape: round, size: 4mm, weight: 0.33ct, source: mined in Africa)


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