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Top 5 Citrine Flower Rings

citrine flower rings

Yellow and orange are two colors that lift the spirit. So citrine is a great gemstone to see on your finger. It’s also the November birthstone ring. And although not a ton of flowers are blooming in November (unless you live in Hawaii or something) I decided that citrine flower rings were exactly what I wanted to investigate.

My favorite ring in this bunch is the onyx and citrine pairing.

Citrine Flower Rings

Clockwise from top right

Rosena Sammi “Palace” Karera Citrine Adjustable Ring Related: Designer Rings, Flower Rings, Citrine Rings, Adjus

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Top 5 Citrine and Diamond Engagement Rings

citrine and diamond engagement rings

If you were lucky enough to be born in the crisp Autumn air, then you’re a November baby who has the birthstone of honey gold citrine. And if you were lucky enough to find love in this big ol’ crazy world (the world is crazy, you guys!) then you might want to consider a citrine engagement ring.

But what is an engagement ring without the additional of some diamond accents? So, this piece is about citrine and diamond engagement rings.

As usual, I’m only showing you guys rings that I think are actually pretty and worth your money. My two favorite rings h

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5 Handmade Citrine Rings I Love from Etsy

handmade citrine rings

I’m a sucker for handmade anything – well, at least when it comes to jewelry and food. I probably wouldn’t be interested in a handmade iPhone. Heh. Anyway, I’ve been covering and sharing with you guys some citrine rings since it’s the birthstone for November. Can you tell where I’m going with this? I bet you can, you seem like a smart one! It’s time to look at handmade citrine rings. As always, I’ll only share rings that I think are actually pretty and worth their price. I’m pretty picky.

Handmade Rings for Women – Citr

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5 Citrine Rings for Men that are Masculine

citrine rings for men

Men’s rings are not my favorite thing, but I figure you gents deserve some guidance about your birthstone ring. So, it’s time to talk about citrine rings for men. White or Yellow gold are both fair game.

Citrine Rings for Men

Clockwise from top left

14K White Gold Oval Genuine Citrine Men’s Men’s Ring by Jewels For Me from Amazon, link to purchase Similar: Men’s R

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November Birthstone Rings in Sterling Silver (Citrine)

november birthstone rings sterling silver

November is a warm, comforting month where you see the rich hues of autumn (unless you live on the West coast, I guess.) Even then, you still have Thanksgiving, which is all about being cozy with family and having comfort foods like pumpkin pie. With all of these images, it’s no surprise to me that citrine is the birthstone for November.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a citrine ring that’s paired with sterling silver. Maybe it’s a gift and you can’t quite afford white gold (there is no shame in that), or maybe it’s for someone very

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5 Golden-y Delightful Citrine and Diamond Bands

citrine and diamond bands

For an reasons unknown to my conscious mind, seeing clusters of citrine gemstones placed on a band reminds me of honeycomb. And that leads me to thinking about Winnie the Pooh, and how great those old Disney cartoons used to be. Nostalgia is a big thing with me.

And because I love traditions and thinking back onto the past, I think the idea of heirloom jewelry that gets passed down through generations (because it’s of high quality and stands the test of time) is precious and perfect and all kinds of sweet. So, if you have someone in your family (or yourself) who has a November

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5 November Birthstone Rings for Cheap, And That’s Okay!

november birthstone rings for cheap

Need to find citrine rings –  cheap? There’s no shame in that. Citrine is the golden yellow color of November birthstone rings. Whether you can’t commit to a certain kind, don’t have the money for a more expensive one, or the gift is for a younger girl who often loses things – you might have any reason for wanting or needing a citrine ring cheap. And the way you do that is by shopping around, gong for sterling silver, and using good judgement. A ring can look more expensive than it actually is. My favorite two rings below are the last two listed – make s

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18K Yellow Gold Citrine Sunburst Ring

citrine ring sale

Dazzle yourself with this citrine ring that’s currently on sale. It is stunning and reminds me, instantly, of the star in its’ full flame of brightness on a summer day. It features pave diamonds that halo the yellow stone – which is a 1.85 carat citrine stone. The ring is made with 18k yellow gold. How much more could a woman want?

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A Posh Citrine and Diamond Engagement Ring

citrine and diamond engagement ring

Looking like a fine, fancy engagement ring with a bit of pizza, the citrine in this ring will really spark up your brides attention. The official title for this ring is, “1.52 cttw 14k Gold Genuine Emerald Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold.”  The details are as follows, “1 Stone 1.50 Carats Emerald Cut Color: Medium to Dark Yellow-Orange Clarity: Clean, 4 Stones 0.02 Carats Round Diamonds Color: I Clarity: SI.” You can wear it as an engagement

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10K Yellow Gold Citrine, Garnet, and Smokey Quartz Three Row Band Style Ring

garnet ring bands

These stacking ring bands are made with 10k yellow gold and citrine, garnet and smokey quartz. Each ring band has three stones. You can stack them together in any way, or wear them alone. I believe the gems are oval cut. The colors are perfect to wear during fall or winter. The citrine ring in particular is great for spring and summer as well.

You can buy these stacking rings from

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