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5 Beautiful Tiny Animal Rings from Etsy that We Love

tiny animal rings

You’re going to love these tiny animal rings so much you’ll be squeeing for days! Don’t forget that we update our ring blog five days a week. If you are looking for a jewelry blog to update your pinterest rings or pinterest jewelry, always give us a look! It’s the smart choice. Thumbs up. Now, onto the tiny animal rings! We’ve got birds, dogs, even bunnies.

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5 Fun Rings with Dark Gothic Glamor

fun rings

Good as Gold is a house to plenty of unique, edgy pieces of jewelry. We looked to some of their top contributing designers to see what tickled our fancy. We have a two headed snake, an unusual take on some Disney characters, and some dangerous eagle claws! Take a look…

nick von k TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE RING, CLICK related: Design Rings, Snake Rings

nick von k Eagle Egg Ring, Lapis, Medium,

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5 Weird Rings for Sale

weird rings

We’ve combed the darkest depths of the internet to bring you five of the weirdest rings available for purchase online right now. And not all of these are handmade!

Accident Chainsaw Ring We don’t suggest wearing this one. It’s legit creepy. Handmade Rings, Weird Rings Etsy,

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Top 5 Fun Rings for Women

fun rings for women

What are your favorite things?For me, I love art, animals, smoothies (cause they’re healthy but taste sweet!) music, and things that sparkle. And all of that is reflected here in these fun things. Remember…

No matter your age, fun is never out of reach.

My favorite ring here is probably the strawberry ring – how is that anything but purely fun?

Fun Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right

Kikkerland Round Crayon Rings, Set of 6 I kind of wish they were chalk rings, but those would be messy and annoying to wear. Crayons it is! Use them as

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Best 5 Bunny Rings on Etsy – Hop to them!

bunny rings etsy

When you get a closer look at something, you often draw a greater appreciation for it. Since I’m currently pet-sitting for a bunny, guess what’s on my mind? That’s right. It’s a small, adorable bunny of fluff and magical wishes. She’s black, and if I may say so, incredibly smart. 😉

This post is all about looking at some handmade rings for women offered by Etsy sellers – with a bunny design incorporated into the look.

Bunny Rings on Etsy

Clockwise from top right

The Golden Bunny Ring – What’s Up Doc WeR

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Bold Rings for Women: Top 5 with Sterling Silver

bold rings for women

Wanna make a statement? Then try a bold ring. It doesn’t matter what finger you wear it on, people are going to notice it. And isn’t that the whole point? Jewelry can be fun, so let it be! These large rings are all made with sterling silver. A few other components are used in a couple (like amethyst.) Mostly these are simple, plain rings. There’s some bling, of course… well, see for yourself. Voila:

Bold Rings for Women – Sterling Silver

Clockwise form top right

8 3/4 Carat Amethyst & Marcasite Sterling Silver Ring $75.00 Related: Amethyst Ri

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5 of the Best Origami Finger Rings Available for Sale Online

origami finger rings

Remember origami? In school, I was mesmerized by those who had the talent to take squares of neon yellow paper and transform them into frogs that could hop with a single flick of a finger. I haven’t worked on cultivating any impressive origami skills, so I probably wouldn’t try to DIY with an origami ring. But there are plenty of handmade versions out there just ready for you to customize. I think these would be particularly great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and as shower or wedding favors. There’s five origami rings below, let us know which is your favorite!

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5 Stylish Hallowen Rings of Silver

This creepy jewelry is all by Charlotte Burkhart on Etsy.

Forget the plastic spider rings, and opt for something as stylish as you are for the upcoming Halloween season! We’re far beyond wanting something tacky. Let’s find you something you might wear more than once, depending on how daring you are…

Stylish Halloween Rings

Clockwise from top right Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring by Charloette Burkhart on Etsy Details: “We all need a wee reminder to brush our teeth, so why not wear A tooth on your hand to remind you?!” This knuckle ring is made with oxidized sterling silver and an actual human tooth. Similar: H

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5 Ring Pieces that are on Trend from Beyond Rings Jewelry

beyond rings jewelry

The first time you see a ring by Beyond Rings, you’ll fall in heavy, heavy love. Why? Because they make fashion and style fun, not serious or boring. If I want boring, I’ll wear no jewelry at all! But when it’s time to accessorize, it’s nice to have something special. Ergo, Beyond Rings. This designer label makes rings, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. They specialize in two finger rings, rocker cocktail rings, and large bejeweled statement rings.

I start you off with a two finger ring made with gunmetal. That might sound harsh, but it’s got pink

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Starfish Rings in Blue, Black and Silver


This is a new one. Design by Armenian Sevan Bicakci, a ring that carries bi-color 380 cz stones in 4 different sizes -all set in place by hand.

I have seen in years color variations of this ring, but none have been as popular as this navy blue – white one.

This ring is truly exclusive.

via Orient Silver – Source


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