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5 Oval Amethyst Rings in Vintage Style

Below you’ll find five varieties of genuine antique or antique style amethyst rings. The purple stone in all of these rings is in an oval shape. I happen to think that East-West ring settings make it look even more cool than the typical North-South setting. You’ll see an example of that with our ring choice #1. You’ll also notice several different metals are represented here.  They’re all going to sparkle, and they’re all going to look great on you.

Oval Amethyst Ring – Vintage Style

Mystic Light Amethyst Oval Cut Cocktail Ring Related: Co

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5 Stunning Amethyst and Opal Rings

Opals make for a fascinating ring, and I knew that  at the early age of thirteen. Well, I can’t pinpoint my exact age, but it was around that age of hormones and naivety that my uncle gave me an opal ring. When I asked someone if it was a very expensive, very important gift, they said that it wasn’t. The opal wasn’t very large, it wasn’t set with gold, and opals themselves are not as important as a diamond or ruby. But that didn’t deter me. I saw it on my finger, and I knew it had mystical properties. How else to explain the way the milky white hue changed to

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5 Best Rose de France Rings

What is Rose de France? It’s a type of amethyst, with a very light purple shade. And it’s a great type of ring to have in your jewelry wardrobe.

Rose de France Rings

Rosede France Ring – 18K ROSE GOLD LEAF RING, ROSE DE FRANCE (16mm X 8mm) AND PAVE DIAMOND TRIM. For more rings like this look for rose de france ring diamond. Find this rose de france ring from Carelle, here.

Sterling Silver Rose de France Amethyst Ring – A natural rose de france amet

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5 Cool Long Rings for Women

Long rings can accentuate your fingers and make them look longer and skinnier. Look for vertical, marquise cut gemstones or rings labeled as “north south” rings. Here are five that we love:

Long Rings for Women

North South Ring with Amethyst – An amethyst with diamond pave trim is set in 18K yellow gold. For similar rings look for: Amethyst Rings, Exotic Rings. Find this unique amethyst ring at Carelle, here.

Olivine Pave Marquise Ring – Made with

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5 Best Robindira Unsworth Rings

Robindira Unsworth Rings are famous for their stacking appeal, mixed metals, vibrant gemstones and hammered details. This is all handmade jewelry.

The tagline for Robindira Unsowrth  jewelry is: “Inspire a Rich Life” so let these pieces inspire you!

Robindira Unsworth Rings

Darjeeling stacking rings with london blue topaz Price: $180 Materials: 22k gold vermeil over sterling silver, round and pear shaped london blue topaz gemstones Buy online: Shop Twigs, h

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5 Pink Amethyst Rose Gold Rings with Beauty

Pink Amethyst rings with rose gold work as excellent engagement rings, but they work for any occasion. Here is a collection of cocktail rings made of pink amethyst and rose gold. They pair well with diamonds, pink sapphires, anything! So let’s take a look at what’s haute.

Pink Amethyst Rose Gold Rings

Check out our other picks for pink amethyst rings

14k Rose Gold Pink Amethyst and Diamond Ring – 13.18 carat Pink Amethyst gemstone with 16 full cut Diamonds total .08 ctw, .04

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Bounkit Jewelry Design – 5 Haute Rings

Bounkit Jewelry has some really strong, glamorous cocktail rings available for sale. Let’s take a look at my favorite pieces, shall we? We shall!

Bounkit Jewelry on Sale

Clockwise from top right

Chrysoprase and White Topaz Ring – The spotted green Chryoprase is pear cut and surrounded by round, faceted white topaz that’s prong set in gold. (here)

Ring set with faceted Lapis – This Lapis ring (so blue!) was featured in an October issue of the

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5 Unique Amethyst Engagement Rings

According to research, people love amethyst rings! And people also love engagement rings. So, let’s marry the two ideas when it comes to be your big day for marrying, huh? There are some great amethyst engagement rings out there that have a bit of flair.

First up, a simple amethyst stone is set with sterling silver. You might not think it’s much of an engagement ring, but sometimes people don’t want a lot of fuss. And the price is right. Plus, using an amethyst stone instead of a diamond makes it unique. This Rebecca Florence ring is charming. Do you have your princ

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5 Unique Amethyst Rings – Handmade Rings for Women

Unique Amethyst Rings are just what the mystical jewelry doctor has ordered for today, don’t you think? It’s always nice to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. That’s how I discovered that I love creme brule!

Our first amethyst ring has a Victorian style and looks like a blooming rose. This is a handmade ring, and the rose was indeed hand carved. Can you imagine all the time that took? (Natural amethyst.)

Taking a note from the royals, this amethyst ring has a regal look to it. (Lab-grown amethyst.)

Smell the flowers? Sure, why

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5 Pink Amethyst Rings to Wear Anywhere, Anytime

I can’t get enough of pink amethyst now that I’ve discovered it. Let’s look into some pink amethyst cocktail rings, okay? I’ll hold your hand!

Our first example is a cocktail ring and the cushion cut pink amethyst is a long rectangular shape. It’s made with rose gold and diamonds on the ring shoulders.

Next we have a ring with a plump amethyst that makes it appear like a dome from a sideview. The pink amethyst is round, brilliant cut.

Now we have another dome ring, this time with rose gold plating.

The pink amethyst with fili

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