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13 best pieces of Jamie Cassavoy Jewelry you MUST see!

Isn't this pretty flower ring just a show-stopper?

Jamie Cassavoy sells jewelry under the label “Cassavoy & Company.” The tagline is so spot-on: “By nature, handmade for you.” You can so clearly see the CRAFT work in the jewelry, jut as you can see the influence of nature. I immediately fell in love with almost every piece. But I settled on my very favorite. First I tried to contain it to ten pieces. But I expanded this to 13 because … well, look! It’s just all so beautiful and romantic and fairyland-ish. That’s totally my thing. Now the question becomes…is it also yours?

Learn more ab

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Kathleen Dughi Jewelry – Amazing Rings

kathleen dughi

Designer Kathleen Dughi knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating amazing rings. We’re also featuring a few amazing earrings, down below, because we can!

The variety of gemstones include pistachio pearls, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, emeralds, turquoise and the ever enchanting moonstone.

12.66ct unheated blue sapphire, diamonds and blue enamel ring in 18kt white gold

peridot and tanzanite ring with diamonds in 22kt and 18kt yellow gold

52.15ct aquamarine and diamond ring in platinum, 18kt rose g

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Armenta Rings (Emily Armenta Rings) – The BEST Pieces!

arementa rings

Ready for something opulent? Emily Armenta is a jewelery designer from Texas. Her jewelry has a Spanish influence that also incorporates a balance of romance and edge.

Armenta Rings – Blue Labradorite & Pave Diamond Ring from Neiman Marcus, CLICK (Labradorite Rings)


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Green Amethyst Engagement Rings – A Unique Choice

green amethyst engagement rings

Green Amethyst engagement rings are a unique engagement ring choice. There’s something inherently beautiful and romantic about the watery, pale green color of prasiolite aka green amethyst.

Unique Engagement Rings

Inexpensive or cheap Sterling Silver & 14k Green Amethyst And Diamond Ring,

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Shay Mitchell Style – Jewelry Blog – Celebrity Rings

shay mitchell style

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell looked wonderful in Adler’s 14-karat rose gold and amethyst ring ($8,988). She wore this paired with a strapless neon yellow dress at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Don’t you just love Shay Mitchell’s style?

Amethyst rings are very popular with women of all ages. It has such a soft, purple glow to it. We love that Shay’s ring was made with rose gold, the tone of the rosy metal really compliments the gem.

Follow this l

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Metalsmiths Sterling Rings – Our 5 Favorite

metalsmiths sterling rings

Sophistication and refined taste are what you’ll find in Metalsmiths Sterling Rings. These jewelry pieces are created with a sense of whimsy that’s apparent by their dramatic, oversized nature and bold gemstone colors.

Wearing large statement rings on the red carpet is always a smart move, so you can bet some celebrities will be spotted wearing these creations. These are such classic shapes, taken to a modern place… so I can picture just about anyone (of any age) thinking one of these would be a great addition to their outfit. It’ll POP without stealing too mu

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5 Spike Rings (Jewelry Blog)

spikes rings

When you don’t feel like dealing with anyone, sometimes your jewelry can speak for you. And spikey jewelry says (clearly) that people should stay away from you. We pulled together five different spike rings that we thought would send the message loud and clear.

File these under: Cool Rings for Women, Casual Rings, Spike Rings

    Spike Flower Ring by Hive and Honey from Piperlime, CLICK

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Rings for Women Under $50

rings under 50

Here is a collection of rings for women that are under $50.00. We’ve got animal rings, flowers, and even a cross.

    Technibond® Black Onyx Owl Ring from HSN, CLICK Related: Owl rings

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5 Ametrine Rings – You’ll Love this Multicolored Gemstone!

ametrine rings

Both the name and the look of ametrine immediately gets our attention. It’s unlike any other gemstone with it’s purple ombre that goes into yellow. You’re right to think of both amethyst and citrine, as that’s what’s it’s made from. Oxidation creates the cool bands of color. Think of it as bicolored quartz. And hey, it even has a cool legend to accompany it.

The legend surrounding ametrine says that it was first noticed when a conquistador married a princess from the Ayoreos tribe and he was gifted a mine in Bolivia. He sent some ametrine to the Sp

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Five Stack Rings with a Gemstone Involved!

stack rings gemstone

Stackable rings are great, but a lot of them are often plain and that can get a little snooze-worthy. So why not try on some stacking rings with a bit of flair given to them by a pretty gemstone? You can even put one gemstone stacking ring in the mix with a bunch of more plain stackable ring bands. In this jewelry blog post today, we explore some that are for sale to see what we like that’s also available.

Stack Rings – Gemstone

Artisan Journey Stacking Rings This trio of three rings can be worn together or as separate pieces. The gemstones include carnelian , gre

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