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Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

spiral ring

It’s time to put the spotlight on Laura Elizabeth Jewelery, and our favorite pieces by the line. Influenced by the beauty of nature, we really love some of the offerings by this line. Below, we share our five favorite jewelry pieces.

Designer Spotlight


The cool Courtenay Cuff is made from the shape of a dusty miller leaf. It reminds us of what a fairy princess (or woodland elf) would wear for a regal occasion. It’s eco-friendly because it’s made of recycled brass.


These eco-friendly earrings feature a pretty river-b

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Rachel Bilson Jewelry – Laura Elizabeth Necklace Review

rachel bilson jewelry

Fan of Rachel Bilson and her jewelry style? So am I! But apparently she’d approve of my jewelry choices, as well.

I immediately loved this onyx and gold delicate necklace from Laura Elizabeth Jewelry when I laid my peppers upon it. And my good taste was re-enforced when I saw that Rachel Bilson was wearing this exact necklace while out and about. See, she picked this out specifically to wear in her real life, not for a photoshoot or anything. That means she really, really likes it!

This is a perfect delicate necklace that you can wear layered with another necklac

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5 Stylish Friendship Bracelets We Love!

stylish friendship bracelets

Don’t be reckless about your friendships, let them know how you feel by giving them a stylish friendship bracelet!

Our favorite way to do friendship bracelets is to take the same bracelet and do it in different colors. All having the exact same bracelet (colors and all) is far too matchy-matchy.

You can pin these on pinterest to remind yourself that having slightly-matching jewelry with your bffs is totally cool. You can change them every month or season, based on what you guys are into the – gold, charms, bright colors…etc.

Tuleste Market Purple

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PONO Jewelry on Sale – Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces

heart choker necklace

Check out these great Pono jewelry pieces on sale.

We couldn’t bear if you didnt’ check out the fun jewelry that Pono makes. Below are five pieces on sale right now. From bright bangles to bold cocktail rings, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Even a snakeskin bracelet!

Alligator Jr Bangle in Wine

Cracked Shell Ring in White

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5 Cool Corsage Bracelets – Flowers, Leather, Fabric

corsage bracelets

You can wear corsage bracelets for big events (like your wedding, engagement party, etc) or as an everyday piece of romantic jewelry. Many cuffs with leather flowers on them look quite tough. You’ll see what we mean when you take a look at the five corsage bracelets we picked to show you guys on this jewelry blog. Take a peek at the beauties and let us know which your favorite is.

Spring Cream Wrist Corsage – Iced Cream from the Etsy shop Cuff N Go, CLICK

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Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring Replica

angelina jolie engagement ring

Robert Procop is the jewelry designer who created the engagement ring for Angelina Jolie. However, Brad Pitt, collaborated to design this ring. It cost about $250,000 and took 12 months to design and create.

1.66 Ct. Emerald and Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.30 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring W Baguettes 14K GOLD FLAWLESS GIA


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Inside the Tribal Jewelry Trend 2012 (PICS) – Pinterest Jewelry

Crystal Bib Necklace with Neon Orange Crystals by Rocks Paper Metal

Mix neon colors and tribal jewelry and you come up with the jewelry brand Rocks Paper Metal, which is available at Spotlight Accessories.  (They offer free shipping and free return shipping.) Below we’re going to share some of our favorite pieces of Rocks Paper Metal jewelry.

Crystal Bib Necklace with Neon Orange Crystals by Rocks Paper Metal - Pinterest Necklaces

Linear Crystal Earrings in Silver by Rocks Paper Metal - Pinterest Earrings

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Shop CC SKYE Jewelry Online: Spotlight Accessories is a great destination

cc skye earrings

You can shop CC Skye Jewelry online at Spotlight Accessories, where there’s a huge selection of her jewelry. They are a great shopping destination for CC Skye Jewelry, and other top designers like

Jewelry Reviews Blog Post – CC Skye Earrings

Arriving in a cool white box with a black bow, inside the box is hot pink – for that extra special umph! Of course, the real treasure is the earrings. Which have been worn by starlet Vanessa Hudgens. They are called the

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Unusual Naomi Gray Rings with Words – Pinterest Rings

naomi gray rings

You might think the shapes of these rings represent bubbles or beads, but they’re puffs of gold.

The Naomi Gray Rings featured here are five amazing yellow gold rings that can be worn alone or mixed together for more of a statement. We think the words they spell out are so fun, although the longer words can be a bit more hard to decipher. Let’s see what you think!

Naomi Gray Rings we love:

Naomi Gray Ring

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Pinterest Earrings – Unique Earrings for Women Under 50 Dollars

amazing earrings

Shop for the recommended Pinterest jewelry from our stylish jewelry blog team. Then get updates on the best Pinterest jewelry pieces by using our tag system.

Emma Stine earrings are, in a word,  perfect. They’re modern with touches of romance and history. They’re all fairly big earrings and  simply amazing. Also amazing is the fact that almost all are earrings under 50 dollars. That means you can buy several at once.

Unique Earrings for Women

One of the reasons we love Emma Stine earrings is that they’re so long and d

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