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Unlock My Heart Necklace with a Key!


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Single Spice Pendant Necklaces!


You’ve probably never seen something like this but it’s spices embedded in the necklace.  Of course, there’s no word on whether you can open the pendant itself for self-consumption but we think it’s probably airtightly closed.

sterling silver, handblown glass bottles, whole spices pendants approx.: 0.5″ x 1″ x 0.5″ 18″ chain length

available in any combination of spice/bottle shape $150 each $400 any set of three

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please emailA =('sar

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Quail Egg Necklace!


Here’s a fun Quail Egg Necklace, it actually encases a 23K gold leaf, emmiting nice gold glow.

Lined with 23k Gold Leaf, this necklace casts a warm glow from within.

The pendant hangs from an 18 inch 14 carat gold chain. Made from actual Japanese Quail eggs, they vary slightly in color and size – approximately 1 inch.

The entire shell has been coated in plastic for strength.

$175 vi

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Blue-Eyed Wolf Chain Necklace!


Need to scare off some sheeps?  Then get this Blue-eyed Wolf Chain Necklace which will go perfectly with your blue shirt.

The Wolf is the pathfinder”, the teacher of new ideas and wisdom. Considered the tribe’s greatest teacher,” the Wolf demonstrates intense loyalty while maintaining a balance of independence.

The message of the Wolf teaches you how to know yourself and how to develop strength and confidence. The Wolf print is said to symbolize tracking and movement.

The pewter pendant is 3.6 cm x 2.6 cm x 1 cm

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The Big Apple Necklace, not it’s not an iPod!


Although companies like Apple has confused the consumers through association, here’s a unmistakably beautiful Big Apple Necklace that looks so real, you just want to bite it.

A sweet glass pendant for you to wear and with which to tempt others to come in for a closer look. Transparent red with an emerald green leaf, sculpted in fire by designer, Izik Levy.

$55 via rockettoro

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Never get lost again with the Compass Necklace!


If you feel that the Compass Ring is not enough for you to tell direction, you can get this cool Compasss Necklace so you will never lose direction again.

Of course, you can always buy a GPS but if you like the old-school methods of using a compass to navigate through streets, you will appreciate this necklace.

Surprise the adventurer in your life with an ebony water compass neckl

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Alice in Wonderland “Drink me” Necklace!


For Alice in Woderland fans, this Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” Necklace will go perfectly around their necks.

This beautiful vintage image illustration by Tenniel from Alice in Wonderland shows Alice finding the bottle with the label saying “DRINK ME”.

Will she drink it? Would you?

£15.99 via lunarrastar

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Rochet Bijoux Thetys Men’s Pendant Necklace!


Here’s a really cool Men’s necklace.

Sport chic design men’s pendant in fine stainless steel with a solid black oil inlay. Delivered with a black rubber necklace.

$89.95 via mekchoudi

, ,

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Powder Necklace!


Chkec out this awesome Powder Necklace which lets you put some “power” in your necklace so you can carry it with you.

A pearlized Turbo Cinereus shell with tiny holes drilled into the bottom is filled with a sparkling silver-colored powder that when gently tapped, sprinkles a light dusting on the wearer’s chest. A natural cork fits snugly into the opening of the shell, acting as a stopper. The small pendant (approximately 1 inch in diameter) hangs from a 16 inch Sterling Silver chain. There is a miniature Sterling Silver funn

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Red Heart Necklace!


Although we try to keep ourselves immersed in rings, here’s a Red Heart Necklace ring that looks bizarre but awesome.

A new twist on our absolute favourite – our Anatomica Heart Necklace. Is the previous incarnation too discreet for you? Try this one! Fantastic red, which will be sure to impress!

Pendant is 2.2”/6.2cm wide, and 3.1”/8cm long. Comes with an 18” silver plated chain.

All pendants are made of printed and cut acrylic, which is rigid, quite light, and slightly translucent.

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