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World Necklace!


The World necklace might be great for those of you who travel often and show appreciation for everyone where ever you go. – link

We are all linked. Pratt grads Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark conceived Design Glut in 2007, and the New York pals have been creating quirky and clever products—from furniture to accessories—like a couple of vets. The world necklace is their latest work and their nod to world unity.

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A Blue Quartz Trio of Beauty

Janna Conner Designs Light Blue Quartz Drop Earrings

Janna Conner Designs Light Blue Quartz Ring

A teardrop quartz stone in a light blue color is bound to a gold plated band with 14k gold wire. It’s like the stone had to be wrangled down because it’s so highy wanted by everyone. Muahahaha! You can pick up this beauty at Janna Conner Designs ring

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The Picture Doesn’t Do Justice to this Pink Pearl Ring, Unfair!

Tateossian pink mini pearl ring

Tateossian Pink Pearl Ring

Alright, I am certain that I am in love with this ring even though the picture is really not good quality. I’m not someone who would usually say this, so I must really love this ring. I love that the bundle of pink pearls would give a little bit of jangle on your finger, but not annoyingly so. There aren’t too many of the pearls or tiny swarvorski crystals. I’ll show you the picture with the pearl and onyx:

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Never Stop Wishing! Five Wishbone Jewelry Pieces to Want

Wishbone Charm by Rembrandt Charms

While watching even MORE Sex and the City, I noticed that Carrie was wearing a simple wishbone necklace. It’s unique, but a completely recognizable (and wearable) concept for a piece of jewelry. I’ve selected five pieces of jewelry that utilize the wishbone concept. It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but I know that my heart is ALWAYS full of wishes. What about yours?

It seems that Jennifer Aniston played a character in He’s Just Not That Into You (a book written by Sex and the City writers!) who wore a gold wishbone necklace. I still have yet to Netflix that movie, bu

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Acorn Rose Gold Necklace


Are you a nature-fanatic?  Well, you can get this Acorn Rose Gold Necklace which features a silver scorn that’s gold plated with 18 carats and polished finish.

Jewellery design house – Gavang’s inspiration comes from nature, and this beautifully formed silver Acorn has a wonderful feel and looks stunning on a mid length silver chain. Soild, heavy, beautiful. This pendant has been exquisitely finished with an 18ct rose gold plate with a beautiful contrasting sandblast and highly polished finish.

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My Pet Octopus Necklace!


Do you like octopus?  Well, here’s a cool My Pet Octopus Necklace to show off your passion for the underwater beasts.

Meet your new best friend! This cephalopod will swim along his sturdy chain while you go about your business, but the lobster claw clasp will keep him from floating too far. In stunning antique gold, this pendant is so charming that your friends will long for one of their own!

$14.99 via modcloth

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First Kiss Necklace!


Here’s how you can take your lips on your neck with you.  The First Kiss Necklace will allow you to let others know that you love kissing.

Make a fabulously playful statement with a sumptuous pair of lips. Offered in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold vermeil.

$237 via julessmithdesigns


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Garden Spider Necklace is perfect for Halloween!


Do you like spiders?  Well, even if you don’t, this Garden Spider Necklace will adorn your Halloween costumes with a webby delight.  The cute head is a 10K gold btw.

Get past your arachnophobia with this sweet little garden spider. His little head is solid 10k gold and his body and web are sterling silver.

This piece is completely handmade by me in my studio and one of a kind.

$120 via etsy

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Golden Shell Necklace!


If you are a beach-lovin’ human being, you will want to get one of these beautiful Golden Shell Necklaces to go along with your next beach outings for sheezy.

Gold coloured wire necklace made with a shell disc focal, amber, swarovski cyrstal and freshwater pearls. All findings are gold filled.

(in order to protect this delicate necklace it will be placed in a display box hence the higher postage and packaging cost)

(20 inches in length)

£12.00 via bijo

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Broken Image Necklace!


Here’s a familiar broken image on a necklace to form the Broken Image Necklace.

so this necklace just didn’t load. now you can imagine how great the image would’ve been. the pendant is made from non-toxic shrink plastic, and coated for durability. the cord is made from leather with sterling silver clasp.

$25 via iloveblocks


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