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Valentine’s Day rings for her – Show your love with hearts and knots, even…an egg?

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Listen, I’ve just decided that I am all for people buying themselves jewelry on Valentine’s Day if they want to. I loved shopping on Max and Chloe for these looks… but I also have a target audience here. It’s for anyone trying to buy a significant other a Valentine’s Day ring that’s not for an engagement, but should still be nice. That’s why I went with Max and Chloe. Everything and anything you get from there will arrive nicely, and it’s a good store where you can’t go wrong because their buyers are just so damn smart about what they ch

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Ostro Topaz | Let’s talk about these Blue Topaz rings on QVC…

ostro blue rings, royal blue, ostrorings, ostro rings

QVC is talking about Ostro Blue Topaz rings today. So, so are we.

Ostro Royal Blue Topaz Ring

Ostro Blue Topaz Colors (Also available in any Blue Topaz, fyi)
    Ostro London Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always a deeper…murky) Ostro Royal Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always vibrant, and my favorite) Ostro Swiss Blue Topaz (This is always an alpine color for topaz) Ostro Sky Blue Topaz ( This kind of topaz is always light, and it’s my second favorite color for topaz)

Note: Why do I like the Royal Blue Topaz most?

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Best Lia Sophia Rings – Including one for your …uh, mood swings?

violet ring

Though I’m not REALLY a major fan of these sorts of “Mary Kay: but for JEWELRY!” programs, they seem to be gaining traction (Guy and Eva, Jewel Mint) and you can still purchase the items online easily…so let’s take a look at what Lia Sophia can offer us in terms of rings. Are your fingers quivering with excitement yet? (I know, I didn’t talk this up enough, but I promise there’s some great rings below, I’m just super tired. I mean, I probably only got 9 hours of sleep last night! GASP. Everyone knows that post-weekend after a Baby Shower, you

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Element Rings in Sterling Silver – Earth, Air, Fire, Water

I love element jewelry because it’s great (nay, IMPORTANT) to reflect upon our great elements, and how we are always connected to them.

Element Jewelry

These four elements jewelry are from, by jewelry artist Anthony Kotseridis.

These are all bezel set rings. The jewelry had previously used polymer clay befo

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The Best Todd Reed rings for daily fashion – Unique rings for women

Are Todd Reed rings feminine? Yes. Are they…dainty? Not on your life! Below you’ll see my very favorite Todd Rings that are unique and totally worth a place on one of your fingers. You can find any of them on the Todd Reed website. …Let the style showcase begin!

The Non-Tudor

Instantly I think of Natalie Dormer in The Tudors. Now, this is probably not at all a Tudor style ring, but the cross shape is kind

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Unique Ring Boxes with Polished Gemstones!

Quite a fancy trio, aren’t they?

A trio of unique ring boxes.

This is the Precioso Box Collection from You can easily store rings or tiny pairs of earrings inside these ad hoc ring boxes. You’ll feel safe knowing they’re tucked away in little places like this, rather than strewn around loose in a big jewelry box.

These particular boxes are handmade, with gemstones (citrine, amethyst, crystal) and gold leaf or silver leaf.


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13 best pieces of Jamie Cassavoy Jewelry you MUST see!

Jamie Cassavoy sells jewelry under the label “Cassavoy & Company.” The tagline is so spot-on: “By nature, handmade for you.” You can so clearly see the CRAFT work in the jewelry, jut as you can see the influence of nature. I immediately fell in love with almost every piece. But I settled on my very favorite. First I tried to contain it to ten pieces. But I expanded this to 13 because … well, look! It’s just all so beautiful and romantic and fairyland-ish. That’s totally my thing. Now the question becomes…is it also yours?

Learn more ab

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Ocappi offers 6 Engagement Rings at Once, for the indecisive groom

You probably heard a little about this on SNL. Ocappi now let’s you bring home up to six engagement rings at once. Please, please tell me you won’t ever do this. Seriously. The very idea makes me feel itchy.

Here’s the thing… ideally, this would mean you’d only be deciding which looks best before proposing with just the one ring… I can imagine a lot of guys enjoying being able to open up a ring box with six engagement rings. I bet some do.

And even though I’m picky, I can’t think of anything more insulting.

Do you

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The 7 Sarah Blaine rings rings you must see!

Want to be a modern day Disney princess who’s as much a heroine as she is beautiful in a twirly ballgown? Well, that’s how I feel about these Sara Blaine rings. They’re not TOO dainty or precious, but they’re still so worthy of your personal fairytale. I love the details (the metal work on the ring bands and shoulders look like vines, and swirls, and it’s just generally gorgeous) and the choice of gemstones like pretty peridot and powerful black onyx.

Sarah Blaine Rings

To see any specific ring and purchase it, click the link that says “CLICK.” Enjo

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Unique Wedding Ring Sets – What does your beloved’s voice sound like as art?

What does the sound of your significant other’s voice sound like…as art? Find out!

Japanese artist and jewelry designer Sakurako Shimizu has created very unique jewelry based on sound waves.

“Waveform Series” consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metal and presented as wearable jewelry.

Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for earlier pieces. “Bell” is a silver cuff bracelet adorned with a waveform of church bell.

How does this sort of ring get

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